The Showroom: DC Wedding: Time-Lapse Set-Up Video


Why do weddings cost so much? I hear this question all the time. The quick and dirty answer is: labor. Not only are there hours and hours of planning that goes into a wedding (hundreds on my side of things) but also when it comes to the actual wedding day. We have to do A LOT in a SHORT amount of time. Often only 2 or 3 hours to set up everything. I started making time-lapse videos to help demonstrate the work that goes into setting up for a wedding. Here is a time-lapse wedding video for a tent set up at a private home.

In this instance, the set up at The Showroom for this wedding began on Friday afternoon, and continued on Saturday afternoon. Overall I think it was 8-10 hours of set up. I also included the following 5.5 hours of event time. You will see this¬†Showroom wedding ceremony, which is followed by a “flip” of the room to move the chairs to dinner and open up the space for dancing. Tomorrow I’ll share the time-lapse video of the reception area set up. Enjoy!

The Showroom DC Wedding After:

DC Showroom Wedding: green and gray: modern and organic


The Showroom DC Wedding Before:

Photo by Vicki Grafton!