2016: A Few Favorite Real Wedding Details

As I reviewed photographs from all fourteen real weddings that I worked on in 2016, a few things jumped out at me as some very memorable wedding ideas or details. I hope you like them! What have been some favorite details from weddings you’ve attended?

My  favorite wedding party member: Grandma as the Flower Girl!  (Of course it is actually impossible for me to pick a  favorite wedding party member, but every time I spoke to Leslie and Jon about their flower girl grandma, I’d literally squeal, so there you go.) Photo by Stephen Bobb Photography at the Daughters of the American Revolution.

flower girl grandma

My favorite 2016 chair: I’d been wanting to use these ghost chairs from DC Rental for years, and Dana and Kevin had the perfect design and decor scheme already in mind when I suggested that we bring them into the fold. Photo by Susie & Becky at the Hotel Monaco in Washington DC. You can see more of this real wedding here.

My favorite 2016 real DIY decor idea: these marquee letters in the couple’s first initials. Simple. Perfect for any style of venue. This barn wall at Riverside on the Potomac gave us an ideal way to display them. Photo by Carly Romeo.


A recent trend in weddings is decorating the chair of the bride and groom at the wedding reception. These garlands made by LynnVale Studio for a real wedding at Saint Francis Hall in Washington DC were an absolute stunner for me.