Advice for Brides & Grooms to Beat the Summer Heat

Last month I wrote about how to help your guests and your vendors beat the summer heat at your wedding. But I did not discuss one important group of people – brides and grooms!

Hopefully by now you’ve found my wedding morning timeline infographic, and my expansive advice on eating the wedding morning. This will help you¬†understand how to map out your wedding morning, and how to plan for your breakfast and lunch. If you are having a hot summer wedding, you also need to plan to hydrate. And I don’t mean with just mimosas or beer. You should try to have at least 48 ounces of water before your wedding – more if you are also drinking alcohol. And you’ll need to stay hydrated throughout the evening. Maybe you can task a wedding party member to bringing you water occasionally (though a reputable caterer will stay on top of this for you.)

beat the heat at your summer wedding Photo by Kurstin Roe

Brides should also consider how warm they will be in their dress. If you have a full skirt with a lot of fabric, you are going to be quite warm. How to remedy this? You might want to plan in advance for a second, cooler dress to dance in once dinner is over. Carrying a small, battery-powered hand fan might also be helpful – misting optional.

Grooms should consider how much they might sweat on their wedding day, and have a handkerchief on hand at a minimum, possibly a second shirt there as well.

If you anticipate taking photos in direct sun, bring some stylish sunglasses, and rent a cool parasol. Also see if there is a way to bring water to your shoot location so you can continue to hydrate.

What did I forget? What other ways can you stay hydrated and happy on your wedding day? Leave me a comment!

beat the heat at your summer wedding

Photo by A Britton Photography