Real Wedding on the U.S.S. Sequoia

M & G had a perfect, personal and most importantly, legal wedding on the USS Sequoia on a “special” date – 11/12/13. That was a Tuesday! I was so excited for a “special date” Tuesday wedding! I know that sounds really weird, but wedding planners can be weird. I was also really excited for my first wedding on a boat since I left my job at the Spirit of Washington in 2004. The USS Sequoia typically docks in Washington DC, but since M & G’s guests were staying at the Hotel Monaco in Alexandria, we had the yacht dock in Alexandria instead. After an intimate wedding ceremony, a lunch buffet was enjoyed by all. Guests came from all over the country to celebrate with all these ladies on the Presidential Yacht USS Sequoia so there was a lot of catching up happening on the lunchtime cruise.


M & G ‘s brothers walked them down the aisle and stood by their sides during the wedding ceremony.

M & G’s friends were so excited to celebrate with the happy couple, everyone wanted to chip in and help or participate in some way. This is how we ended up with three different party favors for each guest 🙂

I love a group photo with all the wedding guests. These guests were particularly awesome to brave the chilly weather while Michelle got this beautiful photo.


Endless thanks to this team of wedding pros:

Michelle Lindsay Photography

Main Event Caterers

USS Sequoia

Petal’s Edge 

AC Warden, Officiant

Georgetown Cupcakes