Happy TENTH Wedding Anniversary K & C!

Big  news today! Today, May 26, 2017, Bellwether Events celebrates the TENTH wedding anniversary of our first ever clients – K & C! They were referred to me by Cara Berger, and they knew that I was leaving the catering world and I was just starting out as a full time wedding planner. They were so kind to me, offering great feedback to me along the way and after their wedding. They weren’t even too mad about the terrible outfit I wore to their wedding – I don’t know what I was thinking with that pink blouse!

The wedding ceremony was at Saint John’s Episcopal Church in McLean, Virginia. It was a real family affair, with four different family members participating in the readings, Gospel and homily.

K & C did a first look! I did not remember this, but reviewing the timeline reveals such. As soon as the wedding was over, guests and vendors alike raced over the the Barns at Wolf Trap for the cocktail reception. The dinner buffet opened as soon as guests arrived, and stayed open for a couple hours, because this was a cocktail style reception with partial and open seating available. K & C  shared two first dances, You Never Can Tell and L-O-V-E, which are two classics in my book. Can we also talk about K’s dress? How timeless and classic is it?!

I am a sucker for an all-wedding-guest group photo. The set up at the Barns makes doing this really easy with the balcony!

I remember two specific things from this reception. First the cakes didn’t arrive at the time we expected them too, and there was a minor panic. But it was here that I realized that it was OK – we didn’t need the cakes at 7:30 when the reception began – we needed them at 9 pm for the cake cutting! So as long as they arrived by then (and they definitely did) then all would be OK. This was probably my first real “Lessons Learned” as a wedding coordinator. Second was C’s son, who gave a beautiful toast, which is impressive enough (giving a good toast is hard!) but to do it at his age (17 or 18?) makes it all the more  memorable.

I can’t imagine what these wedding professionals thought of me at my very first wedding as a coordinator (I had done 75+ in catering before this) but I must not have been too bad!

Photographer: Documentary Associates

Caterer: Well Dunn

Reception Entertainment: Nard’s