Thank You!

Thank you SO MUCH for reaching out! And well done on taking your first big step to finding someone you trust to plan your wedding.
I am totally addicted to my email, so you will hear back from me in 48 hours or less.  Unless I am traveling. Check IG to see if I have an out-of-office posted. My auto-response out-of-office email, if it is on, won’t be sent to you because WordPress+Google isn’t smart enough.
After I read your email, I might ask you to fill out a slightly longer form. After I can review the form, I will send you a detailed proposal. The more info you share with me, the more interesting and helpful the proposal will be.
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I promised to tell you my wedding budget. I didn’t forget! When I got engaged in 2005, I proposed an $18,000 budget to my dad. He laughed in my face. In the end, including rings and the honeymoon, we spent about $36,000. At the time, we were above the national average. It is a small fraction of what my clients spend these days.
I prefer to be very upfront about budgets. It’s why I’ve written multiple blog posts about wedding costs. In 2023, my 15 couples spent an average of $900 per guest.