Bubbles and Brunch 2nd Birthday Party

Since Scarlett and her dad Brett are both super into bubbles, mom Terra and I thought a bubbles and brunch party would be the way to go! The tag line was Pop On Over for Bubbles and Brunch – Scarlett is Turning Two! The backyard was filled with anything and everything related to bubbles. We had a bubble machine, 3 different bubble stations with varying sized wands, a “bubble pit” – aka a pool filled with bubbles (OK they were really clear beach balls, you got me) and a bubble wrap popping station for the kids to jump on. We also had a coloring station with sheets of bubble designs to color. In addition to brunch appropriate finger food, we included a wide assortment of bubble shaped foods, like grapes, blueberries, donut holes, and Danish pancakes – which look like pancake holes (check your local Trader Joe’s). We DIY-ed the balloon cupcake toppers for an extra “pop” on the table. For the adults we offered some bubbly drinks to accompany a variety of juices, including peach, pear, and orange. We used paper lanterns and balloons to continue with the bubble theme in the decor. Guests left the party with their own bottle of bubbles, a wand, a rubber ducky for bubble bath fun at home, and a few pieces of double bubble gum.


Bubbles & Brunch


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