2016: Real Weddings: More Fun Details

My final round up of photos from my clients’ 2016 real weddings. This has been a super fun project for me, and I’m tempted to go back and do 2015 and 2014 as well! We shall see! But for now, a few more photos and fun details from my 2016 real weddings. Don’t miss my first round up of fun wedding details from 2016!

Yes, rain is typically a disappointment on a wedding day, and can lead to make changes in your plans. Wind can be a nuisance too. Or just funny! Photo by Matt Mendelsohn.

I love a good wedding hashtag. This one is a great play on the word “domesticated” with the couple’s first names. If you decide to use a hashtag, make sure you tell your guests about it early & often. We put a this sign at the bar, because everyone goes to the bar! Photo by Carly Romeo & Co.

2016 brought me my first Greek Orthodox wedding, and I was super excited to learn about these traditions and ceremonies at beautiful Saint Sophia Greek Orthodox Cathedral! Photo by Taylor and Ben.

Another fun “first” for me this year – my clients did a champagne tower at their reception! We did it at the end of the cocktail hour at DAR, and once all the glasses had been passed out to the guests, the bride & groom gave thank you remarks before we all headed into dinner. Photo by Stephen Bobb.

Can you tell that this dress has a lavender layer under the lace? You can if you look closely. I loved this dress so much. It was such a subtle use of color, so it was still very classic and timeless! Photo by Stephanie Dee.