Advice for Brides and Grooms: The Wedding Morning

I was lucky enough to partner with the Dandelion Patch on a video project to provide tips and advice for brides & grooms in the Washington DC area. For a series of 5 posts, I’m going to break down what I quickly speak about in that video.

The first wedding tip I offer is that you need to make a plan to eat breakfast and lunch on your wedding day. I can’t tell you how many times when I’ve asked what my clients’ plan is for these meals on morning of their wedding, the bride or groom says that they had not thought of it at all. And that can lead to big problems. Your wedding day is a long day! Often you’ll be rising early, either due to your getting ready schedule, or just due to excitement and nerves. You likely won’t have a chance to eat until well into your cocktail hour, so it is important that you eat enough earlier in the day to sustain yourself.

And as hard as it might be, you cannot only have a few bites of a croissant or nurse a mimosa between 8 am to 6 pm. Please make a plan to have some protein with your meals. Think yogurt, cheese, nuts and eggs. I’ve even had clients order tacos. I don’t really care where it comes from, only that you are nourished so that you don’t pass out during your ceremony! While we are on the topic, schedule a work out the morning of your wedding, if you can fit it in. A brisk walk or nice yoga session with your besties will give you the endorphins needed to stay calm and focus on your big day!

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Photo Credit: First 2 photos, Douglas Pettway. Bottom photo: Michelle Lindsay.