decatur house micro wedding day 2020

Decatur House DC Micro Wedding! (Updated!)

Decatur House micro wedding

I am so excited to announce a Micro Wedding Day at Decatur House on Sunday, September 20, 2020. There are still four times available to engaged couples: 10:30 am, 1:00 pm, 3:30 pm, and 6 pm. We will provide you with a personalized digital invitation to send to your guests. Your micro wedding will begin with a 30-minute portrait session. Then you and your guests (up to 30 people total) will be welcomed through the historic house and into the Courtyard for your custom ceremony, with music. Following your ceremony, there will be a cake and champagne reception, with your choice of background music. It is a 90-minute package in total.

Micro Wedding Design Plan

Decatur House micro wedding design board

Here is our design plan for the Decatur House micro wedding! We are taking a classic palette of blues and whites and adding lavender and gold to create a Modern Garden Elegance design for this wedding day. The ceremony florals are going to be out of this world, and I also plan to design a killer cake table for the Killa cake cutting photo op.

Micro Wedding Team

Decatur House micro wedding team

I am thrilled to partner with this team of wedding professionals. Alicia Lacey is our fabulous photographer. Well Dunn will handle the beverages, equipment and staffing. Killa Cakes will provide your cutting cake and cake for your guests. Leora Willis will work with you to create a custom and legal wedding ceremony. Elegance & Simplicity will provide amazing decor for the celebration and personal flowers for the engaged couple. Sugar Taylor will design the digital invitation that coordinates with everything. Dan Goldman Events will play your chosen ceremony music and background music for your reception.

And we have many ways you can enhance and personalize your wedding. We can add things like video live streaming, live musicians, and live painting. You can add on personal flowers or have a paper invitation printed. We can also add lite bites or even a full meal.

Micro Wedding Floor Plan

Decatur House micro wedding floor plan

Weather permitting, we will host your entire micro wedding outside. The Courtyard has plenty of space for full seating for the ceremony and then some hi top tables for casual gathering when your guests toast to you.

Micro Wedding Cake

How amazing does this cake sketch look! Bria from Killa Cakes has picked out these great flavors for you to pick from:

1. Confetti – confetti cake, with salted sweet cream buttercream, cake batter ganache, and blonde bits.

2. Cocoa Lavendar – Chocolate mud cake, salted lavender ganache, chocolate shortbread crumb, and chocolate buttercream.

3. Apple Spice – Apple Spice Cake, homemade apple butter, custard buttercream, and oat crumble.

If you would like to inquire more, please send me an email! You can also read more about our DC micro and mini wedding offerings.