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Epic Wedding Photos: 2018

I’ll be honest, when I started writing my 2019 wedding round up posts, I realized that I never shared these awesome, spectacular, epic wedding photos from my 2018 weddings. Well, there is no time like the present. This was a type of round up that I started with epic photos from my 2017 weddings.

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Epic Wedding Portraits: Brides and Grooms

two grooms confetti gif
Rust Manor House wedding bride and groom
Procopio Photography
Peabody Library Wedding staircase bride and groom portrait
Lisa Boggs Photography
Carnegie Institute Science wedding bride groom Library portrait
Carnegie Institute Wedding bridal portrait

Epic Wedding Party Portraits

National Portrait Gallery Kogod Courtyard wedding party portrait
Susie and Becky Photography

Above, you see my largest wedding party ever, 21 adults. There were also some children, and of course the parents, making it by far the longest ceremony processional I’d ever had to wield.

Below, you see that when your friends are stylish as all get out, you schedule a portrait session with them as well.

Carnegie Institute Science wedding Library portrait
Carnegie Institute Science wedding Library portrait
Washington DC monument wedding party bride groom portrait
Steven and Lily Photography

Epic Post-Wedding Ceremony Moments

Saint Francis Hall wedding ceremony
Love Life Images
Washington DC wedding photo bride and groom running for bus
Steven and Lily Photography

The one right above requires a little bit of an explanation. There was a bit of a gap between the end of wedding ceremony and the start of the wedding reception. The wedding party went to the DC monuments to take portraits – both of the group and of just the bride and groom. Eventually the Park Police grew weary of the mini bus hanging around, and the wedding party had to make a mad dash to leave before the driver received a ticket! An out of field groomsman is carrying the bride’s shoes.

Epic Wedding Dancing Photos

bride groom hora dancing gif
Carnegie Institute Science wedding reception dancing

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